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4 beautiful California beaches you should visit once


California is a state located on the western coast of the United States. This place attracts a lot of American tourists because of its beautiful natural scenery, exciting entertainment and a series of luxurious and busy shopping centers. Tourists can immerse yourself in beautiful California beaches when traveling to this land. Among the attractions in California, the beautiful beaches in Southern California are places that many American tourists come to, especially on hot summer days.

1. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa is a perfect beach for outdoor sports activities. Coming here, tourists not only lie on the fine white sand to welcome the sun or bathe but also participate in many recreational activities such as surfing, swimming, volleyball on the sea.

The attraction of Hermosa beach that many beautiful beaches in the US do not have is that next to the sand, there is a small path for bicycles or jogging, walking ... enjoying the cool sea breeze. Or at night, this place is more bustling with a series of bars and restaurants.

2. La Jolla Cove Beach

Compared to the beautiful beaches in Southern California, La Jolla Cove is quite small, but not so famous. In contrast, this small beach is also chosen by American tourists as a place to play and take photos when visiting California on an American tour.
If you do not like swimming, you can visit famous tourist spots here such as visiting the San Diego La Jolla eco-conservation park located right under the ocean.

3. Laguna Beach

Laguna is at the top of the list of great beaches in Southern California. Not only conquering tourists with blue sea, clean, smooth white sand, comfortable resorts but the atmosphere here is quite fresh, quiet, suitable for travelers who are looking for a place relax. Ignoring the noisy, hustle and bustle in the lavish city, coming to Laguna Beach, you are just immersed in nature.

Besides, in this area, many shops are selling the latest fashion trends. After relaxing and relaxing, you can walk with your friends, go for a walk and buy yourself beautiful costumes.

4. El Matador Beach

El Matador is also a beach located in Southern California, located in the city of Los Angeles. Contrary to the image of a vibrant, bustling city, with many places for fun, dining, and vacation, etc. El Matador brings a peaceful, gentle, relaxed beauty, a feeling that you will not found anywhere in Los Angeles. After sinking in the cool water, tourists often linger, stroll along the coastline and watch the sunset.

An extremely romantic and fanciful atmosphere. Perhaps that is why many American tourists choose El Matador beach as a place to have fun, enjoy their honeymoon.
Not too far from the city, after relaxing at the beach, visitors can return to the city to explore many other interesting things such as shopping, enjoying a romantic dinner.

The Bottom Line

Traveling to the US besides exploring beaches, many interesting activities are waiting for you to explore. The country of flowers is always a dream destination for those who love traveling. If you have the opportunity to set foot here, enjoy it to the fullest! Those are beautiful beaches in the US that we would recommend to readers. Hopefully, the information we provide above will be helpful for your upcoming trip to the United States

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