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10 attractive places for your Canada vacation tour


Canada is a country in the northernmost region of North America. This place has long attracted a large number of tourists to travel by the beauty of the maple trees, wild nature and the ancient and modern beauty of the architecture. There are many places for visitors to choose when visiting Canada. All promise to bring you a unique Canada vacation tour with full of happy memories. Here are some attractive places for Canada vacation tour you should not miss.

Old Quarter Quebec

The Old Quarter was built in the 17th century on the cliffs of Quebec City. It includes two main areas including the Upper Town above and the Lower Town below. This place has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site with dazzling palaces and monasteries and churches bearing bold imprints.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located in Ontario, Canada on the Niagara River. On the banks of the river next to the tower is the city of Niagara Falls, where crowds of tourists come to visit, shop and entertain. Here, there are many restaurants, entertainment games, shopping centers. You can visit the majestic Niagara by yacht, cable car or simply watch the waterfall from outside.

Ottawa capital

This is also the fourth largest city in Canada, which is famous for being a peaceful and quiet art city. To the capital city of Ottawa, you should visit attractions such as ByWard market; Old Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel; Parliamentary Hills; Museum of Civilizations Ottawa - Canada; Rideau Canal.

Montreal city

This is the largest city in Quebec City, Canada with the main language being French. Montreal has 50 national historical sites, annually hosts more than 100 different art festivals, large and small, attracting numerous art lovers to visit.


Vancouver is a port town in the province of British Columbia. This place attracts a lot of tourists visiting by the beautiful sea, green, clean, beautiful environment, and pristine, majestic natural scenery. Experience travel Canada when coming to this city is certain you cannot miss Stanley Park, Vadose botanical garden, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Lynn Canyon National Park. This is a suitable city for anyone. Enjoy exploring nature and participating in outdoor sports games.

Prince Edward's Island

The island was found in 1534 and is named after a British prince. The island is famous for its clear beaches, friendly locals and lobster specialties.


This mountain range is the longest in the world. It has a height of 3954m and has been the world's cultural heritage. Located between high mountain ranges are the system of rivers, lakes, caves, and waterfalls. Rockies Mountain is suitable for those who love adventure, conquering nature.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park, in the province of Alberta, Canada. The lake is made up of glaciers melting and surrounded by mountains. There are 3 points in the lake that visitors can visit, they are Lake Louise village, Lake Louise hotel, and Lake Louise.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a province in Eastern Canada. When traveling to Canada on your own, you can go to tourist destinations such as national parks, wildlife parks, historical sites, farm museums.

City of Toronto

When visiting Toronto, visitors must visit the CN Tower, the Ontario Art Museum and the Toronto Islands. These are famous tourist destinations, attracting a lot of tourists.

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