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Useful South America Travel Guide You Should Know


If you are going to travel to a new land, it is important to learn some rules or guides. This helps you avoid culture shock and troubles during your trip. Here is the useful South America travel guide you should keep in mind.

1. Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet

Whether you are in any country in Central America or South America, toilet paper must be disposed of in the trash. This is a difficult challenge for travelers from the US. Factually, the local people do not have the habit of doing so but because their toilets are not designed to be able to accept throwing the paper into the toilet.

2. The liquid is sold in plastic bags

Bottled water is also sold in Latin American countries, but the drinks contained in plastic bags will be much cheaper. Roadside shops sell a lot of different fruit juices, even a meal with rice and chicken, in a clean plastic bag. Yogurt here is also popular in liquid form and stored in plastic bags.

3. Streets are named by date

This can be difficult when you use a map, especially when talking to a friend. The story may take place when you ask: "When will you turn?” The other person said, "October 9". Then you are surprised: "I asked where we would turn?” It is just one of the funny stories that we may encounter while traveling on South American streets.
The dates are named for streets that are often associated with local traditions, be it independent days or some other holidays.

4. Money exchange services are extremely rare

Usually, when using cash machines, we often get cash sheets with huge denominations. In fact, it is difficult to pay with such large denominations. This is a common practice across countries in Central America and South America. You may have to buy something just to get the change. But you should also be aware that not all sellers are willing to sell if you have to pay back such a large amount of change.

5. Pay to use the bathroom

Public baths are never free. It will usually cost about 25 cents to use and sometimes even pay more to use toilet paper. The bad thing is that these bathrooms are often very dirty and unhygienic.

6. Cars and motorbikes

A lot of freighters in small towns or villages drive cars or motorbikes with towing carts at the back. Buses are a cheap and fast means of transportation in crowded neighborhoods. However, you must pay the price before boarding the car. The experience with coaches is really an interesting thing that tourists should try at least once!

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