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Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches In South America


South America is an ideal destination due to its famous tropical forests, archaeological sites, exotic wildlife, and beautiful beaches. Except for Bolivia and Paraguay, all South American countries are bordered by the sea. Hence, these countries own shimmering beaches that attract a lot of visitors all around the world. Here are the top 7most beautiful beaches in South America!

Baia by Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This beach is considered as one of the world's most beautiful beach. Coming to this beach, visitors will be attracted by white-sand beaches, sparkling emerald blue of seawater and beautiful coral reefs. That is the simple reason that it cannot be defeated.

Anakena Beach, Chile

Anakena is one of two white-sand beaches located on an island which is surrounded by a volcanic coast. The beach is attractive due to its stone statues and coconut palm trees on the island. After a day of exploring the island's history, you can relax and picnic under the shade of old coconut palm trees or sunbathe on the white sands.

Galapagos Beach in Tortuga Bay, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

If you want to experience the everyday life on the beach, Galapagos beach will be the most appropriate and reasonable choice. Its name is from the sea turtles. They like to gather near the sand with countless flamingos, sea lions, pelicans, and famous Galapagos sparrows. Not far from the beach is the Lava tunnel formed from the surrounding volcanoes thousands of years ago.

Punta Tombo, Argentina

Besides owning rocky boulders and sandy beaches, the real attraction of Punta Tombo is penguins. Each year from September to April, there are about 500,000 to a million Magellanic penguins returning here to mate and raise their children. Visitors can freely travel between them. This will be a memorable experience!

San Bartolo, Peru

 San Bartolo is a bustling beach cluster. It is located along the coast of Peru Pacific. This beach is where you can find one of the most popular surfing spots in South America (Lima). There is a giant coral reef area. It is located on the right of Penascal and is about 1 hour from there to Lima. For visitors, San Bartolo is an ideal paradise for surfing.

Shell Beach, Guyana

Shell Beach is a huge sand oasis. From March to August, a lot of giant sea turtles move to this beach to lay eggs. Shell Beach is about 90 miles of length and it consists of nine separate beaches. For centuries, these sea turtles have left billions of shells covering Guyana's coastline and the beach hours to act as a natural refuge for breeding turtles.

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara is the best and most beautiful beach in Brazil. Therefore, the Washington Post for it is one of the ten best places in the world to relax. So why is this beach so great? Because it possesses stones carved in the sea for thousands of years. In addition, there are unexplored sandy beaches, natural lakes and giant sand dunes surrounding beaches. Jericoacoara is also famous because it is an attractive sports destination. Coming to Jericoacoar, visitors can participate in wonderful activities such as kite flying, windsurfing and sand skiing.

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