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The Most Attractive Destinations For Your South America Trip


Over the years, South America has always been an ideal destination for tourists around the world. South America is not only famous for its unique culture, rich cuisine but also attracts visitors by its beautiful scenery. In South America, visitors will have the opportunity to admire many different beautiful scenes. Here are the 3 most attractive destinations for a South American trip that you should not miss!

Buenos Aires - Paris of South America

In many places that visitors should not ignore when exploring South America, Buenos Aires is the number 1 priority destination. It is Argentina's largest capital and port city, located on the south bank of the river. Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is famous for being the cradle of charming Tango and has long been dubbed the "Paris of South America". Here, visitors will visit Plaza de Mayo square, admire the beautiful architecture such as the Presidential Palace of Casa Rosada with distinctive pink color, Great cathedral of Catedral Metropolitana.

 If you like shopping, you will find it extremely interesting to immerse yourself in the shopping crowd to be tired at the old market sessions at Plaza Dorrego or enjoy tango performances right on the street. It is not difficult to find this address. It is located in San Telmo - the oldest town in the capital. Now, it is the focus of many international visitors. With the special passionate gentlemen with the ball, the attractiveness of Buenos Aires comes from the passionate atmosphere on La Bombonera Stadium - home of the famous team Atlético Boca Juniors. Just once watching football here, you will understand why in Buenos Aires, football is no longer a normal sport but has been raised to religion.

 Iguazu - South America's most beautiful waterfall

With a total length of 2,700m, height of 90m, Iguazu waterfall cluster with 275 large and small falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil is worthy of being the most beautiful waterfall in South America. More than two-thirds of the above falls are on the Argentine land, but the ideal location for watching Devil's Throat - the most beautiful falls are U-shaped, 82m high, 150m wide and 700m long, located on the Brazilian coast. Every year, this attraction attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to visit and vacation. Standing high above, visitors can enjoy admiring the unique beauty of the pristine subtropical forests around and the beauty of the waterfall from the Iguazu River pouring from the high cliffs to the abyss, creating foam Snow white is extremely impressive. Here, visitors can participate in water sports, rafting, climbing and especially cannot miss the excursions to visit the area under Iguazu waterfall by boat.

Rio De Janeiro - the magical city

The last stop on the journey to discover South America is the city of Rio De Janeiro - famous for its spectacular natural scenery, colorful Carnival festivals and passionate samba dance. Just like the Statue of Liberty of New York or Paris's Eiffel Tower, every tour in Rio de Janeiro prioritizes towards the statue of Christ the Redeemer (Christ Redempteur) located at the top of the Corcovado mountain, 710 meters high. Started in 1927, the statue is 38m high, 30m wide, the pedestal is 9.5m and is considered one of the greatest art sculpture works of mankind. In 2007, the work was voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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