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5 Best Islands For Your South America Trip


If you are planning for your South America trip, you may wonder where the best islands to discover are. South America is the continental part located to the west of the Southern hemisphere of the Americas, starting from the south of the Panama Canal downwards. The region also makes up the majority of Latin America because people here mainly use Spanish and Portuguese. It also has beautiful beaches, let's take a look at the most famous islands for your South America!

1.    Chiloé Island, Chile

The colorful houses of Chiloé will make visitors feel excited when they come here. Street art and spectacular natural scenery will bring you positive and positive miracles that cannot be found anywhere. This is the second-largest island of the Chilean archipelago.
Islands with this spectacular scenery are formed from the submerged mountain ranges millions of years. As a result, this place now has lush green forests, sparkling seascape, and beautiful rock embankments. And on a beautiful day, you can see all the roads to the snow-covered Andes peaks.

2.    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This famous archipelago was once named by Darwin and UNESCO. Many creatures are living here that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Imagine cute kaleidoscope, scary sea snakes, giant turtles and scary sharks coming to you in every direction. The islands (all declared as National Parks) are about 960km from the Ecuadorian coast.
Strangely, they are not as tropical as you think: wild landscapes, and sometimes desolate are covered with exotic green bushes and you will see many volcanic eruptions here. Although they may not be the most beautiful islands, their appeal lies in having many unique and strange things.

3.    Cagarras Islands, Brazil

Many visitors come here to say that the island has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located not far from the legendary Ipanema Beach, this uninhabited island is a great refuge for a large number of native wildlife, including the super cute Flipper penguin.
Ilha Cagarra, the name of the island, aside from the beautiful scenery is also an ideal place for diving and surfing. This beautiful paradise offers everything from dreamy walking trails to adventure sports.

4.    Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is a famous island for ecotourism with a mysterious beauty. Although this is also one of the most isolated places on earth, you may feel quite lonely here because it is located 2,299 miles east of Chile. This place is a great outdoor museum for divers and fans of these giant Moai statues. The best way to experience the beauty of the island is by walking a long way to get the full experience and explore the wonderful landscape around.

5.    La Blanquilla Island, Venezuela

This deserted fan-shaped limestone island is located 186 miles west of Venezuela. It is a dream destination for Wannabe lovers and rich and famous people who come here to organize private parties. The coral reefs surrounding the island are known for the great variety of rare black corals. To the island, you also have the opportunity to admire rare fish such as French angelfish, porcupine and flying fish occasionally appear. On land, you will see some wild animals.
The continent of South America with the favor of the Atlantic Ocean possessing beautiful beaches. These are such heavenly paradises besides discovering the long-standing historical culture here. Tourism here is growing but luckily many places still retain the wild character that people need. If you have a chance, let yourself experience it!

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