Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore: USD 1,320 / night


Singapore not only bears the title of "lion island nation" but it is also a country that converges countless traditional cultures. There are many different ethnic groups residing on this small island nation. This is a powerful country in Southeast Asia with many multinational corporations and companies.

Travel costs to Singapore are not too expensive compared to many other Southeast Asian countries. Singapore is always proud of many luxury 5-star hotels and one of them is Shangri-La hotel.

This hotel is located on Orchard Road, the bustling shopping area of Singapore. The Valley Wing Deluxe Suite room here costs up to USD 1,320 / night. However, this is a worthy price because in Shangri-La you will be able to use all 5-star facilities and be served in the best way.
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