Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ms Tu’s Homestay - A lovely destination for active students


The next address in the homestay list of Binh Thuan is many tourists interested in Ms Tu’s Homestay. This is a destination that helps you maximize your stay expenses during your cruise travel, very familiar to students. Ms. Tu's house is located in the center so it can be said that it is very convenient for you to move to other attractions. If you have never been to Mui Ne before, you should visit Ms Tu's teacher to get the best travel experience. Where to go, what to eat, what to buy, all are meticulously taught by Ms. Tu.

From the entrance, Ms. Tu’s Homestay has been lovingly decorated instead of greetings. Here, Cô Tư’s Homestay also introduces many local attractions. @ Co Tu’s Homestay

The small garden corner is decorated with beautiful small pots to help the house more fresh and cool. @ Co Tu’s Homestay
This homestay is a neat, clean, well-appointed home with all types of single, double and dorm rooms for groups of friends. In particular, the rent is very chestnut and fresh and not expensive at all. You have complete peace of mind to visit Ms Tu any season of the year. Dorm room (bunk bed) 50,000 VND / person. Single room depending on fan or air conditioner costs 100,000 VND or 150,000 VND / day. Sleeping on the terrace has a cool space of 50,000 VND / tent / 2 persons and 75,000 VND / tent / 3 people.

Here, you can ask Ms. Tu to cook family meals with dishes like her mother cooked and even organize delicious fresh seafood BBQ parties. Ms Tu's Homestay will serve you delicious dishes like restaurants such as steamed buns, grilled, grilled mussels, mussels with rice paper, grilled scallops, and apricot salad, snails with garlic and onion, scallops. Grilled yang, steamed clams discharge chilli and countless fresh and aromatic seafood dishes that are soggy. In addition, when hungry hunger, minced pork noodles, fried bread, fresh squid noodles or fried noodles will be ready to serve, hot, delicious, filling every craving.
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