Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lara Homestay - Prepare the sea in every corner


Binh Thuan beach in general and Mui Ne in particular is one of the most beautiful sea paradises in Vietnam and reached many tourist rankings in the world. It can be said that the tourism service here is very developed with restaurants, hotels, high-class resorts, amusement parks and even beautiful homestays for tourists. Those are coastal houses that are designed to be simple, cool, close to nature. It is important that these homestay homestays bring you the feeling of relaxation, tranquility and a cultural space of sea, sea and sea.

If you are looking for a peaceful, poetic seaside countryside, then Lara Homestay is the best. You will be wrapped in natural crust with sunshine to the window, the wind blows gently in the leaves of the garden, the sea scent pervades the room with the scent of fragrant wood. All will make your soul peaceful and strange.

Living in a homely homestay by the natural layout and materials, you are spoiled for watching the dawn, walking to the sea, sleeping peacefully with the wind blowing gently, the afternoon watching the sunset dyed the earth and sky and at night I heard the sound of cicadas on the porch. That's what urban life never gives you.

Lara Homestay has a very romantic and private beach and has a swimming pool for you to change your taste. To bring the most private and peaceful space, Lara Homestay does not accept groups of more than 15 people, giving priority to small groups of under 10 people. There are a variety of rooms available for your needs at an affordable price, including a Binh Thuan beach breakfast.

Lara Homestay brings a feeling of closeness like your home because each room is fully furnished and has a warm, familiar space. @ Lara Homestay

Lara Homestay makes the most of the large door frames to catch natural light and the sea breeze. @ Lara Homestay
Each room of this homestay is decorated in the most natural and liberal way but still ensures full TV, air conditioning, comfortable bed and romantic balcony with wooden tables and chairs. Each room is a different small house, beautiful and gentle without glare.

The lovely room with the sky blue sky frames is also an ideal virtual living corner for those who like the "dust" style a bit. @ Lara Homestay
In particular, Ms. Minh, the owner, a friendly, happy and kind woman will welcome you in Binh Thuan. She will give you a thorough guide to the travel experience here and cook for you the salty sea food.

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