Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Homestay wedding photos "love tank" in Da Lat

When the cold late autumn wind rushed, Da Lat entered the second beautiful season of the year. We do not hesitate to say that happiness is the same with our loved ones wandering with the appointments, the most important moments in life.

If you are still looking for an ideal location to take wedding photos, please take your loved one's hand to Da Lat! Because in addition to the beautiful scenery, the homestay in Dalat is poetic and beautiful view is waiting for you to record the sweet moments of life.

Superior Bungalow Garden

Superior Bungalow Garden has a luxurious and pristine character of European heaven, belonging to the top homestay located in the heart of Dalat city. The apartments with strange roof designs are lined up, running along sunny roads with many native flowers - blooming 4 seasons in a year, creating a vivid picture. If you want your wedding photos to be a little Western-oriented with classic romantic taste, then LPC Hill will be the ideal destination.

Vintage Wooden House 

Le Bleu - in French means blue, and just as the name suggests, a peaceful, mild, green color covers the place. Not really attractive and outstanding at first sight, Le Bleu is loved by its small, delicate details. It was a rough paint on a rustic wooden floor, which was a multicolored lamp that sparkled the whole room, the light of the morning light shining through the colorful window.

Tom's Valley

Extremely spacious studio apartment on the side of the valley, with 2 glass faces overlooking the immense space below, Tom's Valley really brings a great experience. Zooming out of the glass frame is a picture of a beautiful valley fascinated with beautiful red tile houses.

Hien Dalat Homestay

Aiming at the Minimalist style, Hien Dalat Homestay simplifies the line for your apartment, leaving only the most simple, simple and cheap things. A sense of lightness, a strange and pleasant feeling when entering this apartment. I and her escaped the shameful world, to a small corner of our own ...
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