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10 attractive places for your Canada vacation tour

Canada is a country in the northernmost region of North America. This place has long attracted a large number of tourists to travel by the beauty of the maple trees, wild nature and the ancient and modern beauty of the architecture. There are many places for visitors to choose when visiting Canada. All promise to bring you a unique Canada vacation tour with full of happy memories. Here are some attractive places for Canada vacation tour you should not miss.

Old Quarter Quebec

The Old Quarter was built in the 17th century on the cliffs of Quebec City. It includes two main areas including the Upper Town above and the Lower Town below. This place has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site with dazzling palaces and monasteries and churches bearing bold imprints.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located in Ontario, Canada on the Niagara River. On the banks of the river next to the tower is the city of Niagara Falls, where crowds of tourists come to visit, shop and entertain. Here, there are many restaurants, entertainment games, shopping centers. You can visit the majestic Niagara by yacht, cable car or simply watch the waterfall from outside.

Ottawa capital

This is also the fourth largest city in Canada, which is famous for being a peaceful and quiet art city. To the capital city of Ottawa, you should visit attractions such as ByWard market; Old Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel; Parliamentary Hills; Museum of Civilizations Ottawa - Canada; Rideau Canal.

Montreal city

This is the largest city in Quebec City, Canada with the main language being French. Montreal has 50 national historical sites, annually hosts more than 100 different art festivals, large and small, attracting numerous art lovers to visit.


Vancouver is a port town in the province of British Columbia. This place attracts a lot of tourists visiting by the beautiful sea, green, clean, beautiful environment, and pristine, majestic natural scenery. Experience travel Canada when coming to this city is certain you cannot miss Stanley Park, Vadose botanical garden, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Lynn Canyon National Park. This is a suitable city for anyone. Enjoy exploring nature and participating in outdoor sports games.

Prince Edward's Island

The island was found in 1534 and is named after a British prince. The island is famous for its clear beaches, friendly locals and lobster specialties.


This mountain range is the longest in the world. It has a height of 3954m and has been the world's cultural heritage. Located between high mountain ranges are the system of rivers, lakes, caves, and waterfalls. Rockies Mountain is suitable for those who love adventure, conquering nature.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park, in the province of Alberta, Canada. The lake is made up of glaciers melting and surrounded by mountains. There are 3 points in the lake that visitors can visit, they are Lake Louise village, Lake Louise hotel, and Lake Louise.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a province in Eastern Canada. When traveling to Canada on your own, you can go to tourist destinations such as national parks, wildlife parks, historical sites, farm museums.

City of Toronto

When visiting Toronto, visitors must visit the CN Tower, the Ontario Art Museum and the Toronto Islands. These are famous tourist destinations, attracting a lot of tourists.

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4 beautiful California beaches you should visit once

California is a state located on the western coast of the United States. This place attracts a lot of American tourists because of its beautiful natural scenery, exciting entertainment and a series of luxurious and busy shopping centers. Tourists can immerse yourself in beautiful California beaches when traveling to this land. Among the attractions in California, the beautiful beaches in Southern California are places that many American tourists come to, especially on hot summer days.

1. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa is a perfect beach for outdoor sports activities. Coming here, tourists not only lie on the fine white sand to welcome the sun or bathe but also participate in many recreational activities such as surfing, swimming, volleyball on the sea.

The attraction of Hermosa beach that many beautiful beaches in the US do not have is that next to the sand, there is a small path for bicycles or jogging, walking ... enjoying the cool sea breeze. Or at night, this place is more bustling with a series of bars and restaurants.

2. La Jolla Cove Beach

Compared to the beautiful beaches in Southern California, La Jolla Cove is quite small, but not so famous. In contrast, this small beach is also chosen by American tourists as a place to play and take photos when visiting California on an American tour.
If you do not like swimming, you can visit famous tourist spots here such as visiting the San Diego La Jolla eco-conservation park located right under the ocean.

3. Laguna Beach

Laguna is at the top of the list of great beaches in Southern California. Not only conquering tourists with blue sea, clean, smooth white sand, comfortable resorts but the atmosphere here is quite fresh, quiet, suitable for travelers who are looking for a place relax. Ignoring the noisy, hustle and bustle in the lavish city, coming to Laguna Beach, you are just immersed in nature.

Besides, in this area, many shops are selling the latest fashion trends. After relaxing and relaxing, you can walk with your friends, go for a walk and buy yourself beautiful costumes.

4. El Matador Beach

El Matador is also a beach located in Southern California, located in the city of Los Angeles. Contrary to the image of a vibrant, bustling city, with many places for fun, dining, and vacation, etc. El Matador brings a peaceful, gentle, relaxed beauty, a feeling that you will not found anywhere in Los Angeles. After sinking in the cool water, tourists often linger, stroll along the coastline and watch the sunset.

An extremely romantic and fanciful atmosphere. Perhaps that is why many American tourists choose El Matador beach as a place to have fun, enjoy their honeymoon.
Not too far from the city, after relaxing at the beach, visitors can return to the city to explore many other interesting things such as shopping, enjoying a romantic dinner.

The Bottom Line

Traveling to the US besides exploring beaches, many interesting activities are waiting for you to explore. The country of flowers is always a dream destination for those who love traveling. If you have the opportunity to set foot here, enjoy it to the fullest! Those are beautiful beaches in the US that we would recommend to readers. Hopefully, the information we provide above will be helpful for your upcoming trip to the United States

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Useful South America Travel Guide You Should Know

If you are going to travel to a new land, it is important to learn some rules or guides. This helps you avoid culture shock and troubles during your trip. Here is the useful South America travel guide you should keep in mind.

1. Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet

Whether you are in any country in Central America or South America, toilet paper must be disposed of in the trash. This is a difficult challenge for travelers from the US. Factually, the local people do not have the habit of doing so but because their toilets are not designed to be able to accept throwing the paper into the toilet.

2. The liquid is sold in plastic bags

Bottled water is also sold in Latin American countries, but the drinks contained in plastic bags will be much cheaper. Roadside shops sell a lot of different fruit juices, even a meal with rice and chicken, in a clean plastic bag. Yogurt here is also popular in liquid form and stored in plastic bags.

3. Streets are named by date

This can be difficult when you use a map, especially when talking to a friend. The story may take place when you ask: "When will you turn?” The other person said, "October 9". Then you are surprised: "I asked where we would turn?” It is just one of the funny stories that we may encounter while traveling on South American streets.
The dates are named for streets that are often associated with local traditions, be it independent days or some other holidays.

4. Money exchange services are extremely rare

Usually, when using cash machines, we often get cash sheets with huge denominations. In fact, it is difficult to pay with such large denominations. This is a common practice across countries in Central America and South America. You may have to buy something just to get the change. But you should also be aware that not all sellers are willing to sell if you have to pay back such a large amount of change.

5. Pay to use the bathroom

Public baths are never free. It will usually cost about 25 cents to use and sometimes even pay more to use toilet paper. The bad thing is that these bathrooms are often very dirty and unhygienic.

6. Cars and motorbikes

A lot of freighters in small towns or villages drive cars or motorbikes with towing carts at the back. Buses are a cheap and fast means of transportation in crowded neighborhoods. However, you must pay the price before boarding the car. The experience with coaches is really an interesting thing that tourists should try at least once!

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Where To Visit In South America?

Have you ever set foot in South America? If you are planning to visit this land, you will probably wonder where to visit in South America. Don't worry, this article will introduce you to 5 Stunning Wonders of South America You May Not Know. Follow the following to know where to visit in South America!

1. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (Brazil)

When you do not know where to visit in South America, let's try to discover Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Located in the state of Maranhao, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is the best tourist destination to visit Northeastern Brazil. The large area and beautiful natural landscape are the most attractive and attractive features in Lençóis Maranhenses.

Certainly, for the first time to visit the National Park, any visitor will wonder if this is the sandhill rising from the sea, or the sea lying in the sand. Factually, these are huge dunes, stretching over 1000 km2 outside the Amazon basin. In July and July every year, long rains poured in and there were thousands of blue lakes in the middle of fine white dunes.

2. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

With a height of about 979m, Venezuela's Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. The waterfall is located on the edge of Auyantepui mountain of Canaima National Park (Venezuela). Although hidden in the deep forest, Angel waterfall always attracts many visitors to admire its grandeur.

From a distance, white foaming water flows down continuously like silk. From the top of the waterfall looking down, four sides of the mountain forest are completely covered by white steam, making visitors surprised by the magnificent landscape.

3. Lake Atitlan (Guatemala)

Located on the plateau in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan (Lago de Atitlan) was created after the volcanic eruption more than 80,000 years ago. The four sides of Atitlan are surrounded by three volcanoes (Atitlan, Tolimánet and San Pedro) and a series of Maya villages.

Atitlan is the deepest freshwater lake in the South American region, Atitlan is like a gem with poetic beauty. The surface of the lake is clear and green, like a mural. Surrounded by rolling, undulating mountains, stretching over 130km, peeks out of the white mist. Besides, you can go along the lake to visit the mysterious beauty of 12 villages named 12 apostles of Jesus.

4. The ancient city of Machu Picchu (Peru)

Nestled between a ridge in the Urubamba Valley (Peru), Machu Picchu is likened to an excellent architectural masterpiece and a unique testament to the Inca civilization.
The building was built entirely in the classic style of the Incas. All the walls, the stone blocks are tightly coupled together without using mortar so that a thin sheet of paper or blade cannot get in the middle.

Machu Picchu is divided into 3 areas: sacred area, pubic area, and area of ​​monks and aristocracy. Only about 5 km2 in width, the "lost city of the Incas" has a total of 140 different buildings such as temples, churches, parks, houses, and even prisons.
The Sun Temple is known as the most sacred site of the old city. Because, only once a year, when the sun shines through the walls, the temple looks like a torch that burns brightly day and night.

5. Perito Moreno glacier (Argentina - Chile)

Stretching on the territory of Argentina and Chile, Perito Moreno glacier (belonging to Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina) is dubbed the 8th wonder of the world. With a height of about 60m and spread over 5km, the glacier will give you beautiful gifts of nature.
Despite the warming of the Earth, the large and small icebergs here standstill, majestic among vast land and sky. The surface of the ice blocks is quite rugged and undulating, creating large and small gulps and water slots.

Every time the sun shines through the ice, the whole space is like a shining white shirt. The parts of the ice that submerged under the water showed a dark blue color. All these things create incredibly spectacular work.

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Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches In South America

South America is an ideal destination due to its famous tropical forests, archaeological sites, exotic wildlife, and beautiful beaches. Except for Bolivia and Paraguay, all South American countries are bordered by the sea. Hence, these countries own shimmering beaches that attract a lot of visitors all around the world. Here are the top 7most beautiful beaches in South America!

Baia by Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This beach is considered as one of the world's most beautiful beach. Coming to this beach, visitors will be attracted by white-sand beaches, sparkling emerald blue of seawater and beautiful coral reefs. That is the simple reason that it cannot be defeated.

Anakena Beach, Chile

Anakena is one of two white-sand beaches located on an island which is surrounded by a volcanic coast. The beach is attractive due to its stone statues and coconut palm trees on the island. After a day of exploring the island's history, you can relax and picnic under the shade of old coconut palm trees or sunbathe on the white sands.

Galapagos Beach in Tortuga Bay, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

If you want to experience the everyday life on the beach, Galapagos beach will be the most appropriate and reasonable choice. Its name is from the sea turtles. They like to gather near the sand with countless flamingos, sea lions, pelicans, and famous Galapagos sparrows. Not far from the beach is the Lava tunnel formed from the surrounding volcanoes thousands of years ago.

Punta Tombo, Argentina

Besides owning rocky boulders and sandy beaches, the real attraction of Punta Tombo is penguins. Each year from September to April, there are about 500,000 to a million Magellanic penguins returning here to mate and raise their children. Visitors can freely travel between them. This will be a memorable experience!

San Bartolo, Peru

 San Bartolo is a bustling beach cluster. It is located along the coast of Peru Pacific. This beach is where you can find one of the most popular surfing spots in South America (Lima). There is a giant coral reef area. It is located on the right of Penascal and is about 1 hour from there to Lima. For visitors, San Bartolo is an ideal paradise for surfing.

Shell Beach, Guyana

Shell Beach is a huge sand oasis. From March to August, a lot of giant sea turtles move to this beach to lay eggs. Shell Beach is about 90 miles of length and it consists of nine separate beaches. For centuries, these sea turtles have left billions of shells covering Guyana's coastline and the beach hours to act as a natural refuge for breeding turtles.

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara is the best and most beautiful beach in Brazil. Therefore, the Washington Post for it is one of the ten best places in the world to relax. So why is this beach so great? Because it possesses stones carved in the sea for thousands of years. In addition, there are unexplored sandy beaches, natural lakes and giant sand dunes surrounding beaches. Jericoacoara is also famous because it is an attractive sports destination. Coming to Jericoacoar, visitors can participate in wonderful activities such as kite flying, windsurfing and sand skiing.

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The Most Attractive Destinations For Your South America Trip

Over the years, South America has always been an ideal destination for tourists around the world. South America is not only famous for its unique culture, rich cuisine but also attracts visitors by its beautiful scenery. In South America, visitors will have the opportunity to admire many different beautiful scenes. Here are the 3 most attractive destinations for a South American trip that you should not miss!

Buenos Aires - Paris of South America

In many places that visitors should not ignore when exploring South America, Buenos Aires is the number 1 priority destination. It is Argentina's largest capital and port city, located on the south bank of the river. Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is famous for being the cradle of charming Tango and has long been dubbed the "Paris of South America". Here, visitors will visit Plaza de Mayo square, admire the beautiful architecture such as the Presidential Palace of Casa Rosada with distinctive pink color, Great cathedral of Catedral Metropolitana.

 If you like shopping, you will find it extremely interesting to immerse yourself in the shopping crowd to be tired at the old market sessions at Plaza Dorrego or enjoy tango performances right on the street. It is not difficult to find this address. It is located in San Telmo - the oldest town in the capital. Now, it is the focus of many international visitors. With the special passionate gentlemen with the ball, the attractiveness of Buenos Aires comes from the passionate atmosphere on La Bombonera Stadium - home of the famous team Atlético Boca Juniors. Just once watching football here, you will understand why in Buenos Aires, football is no longer a normal sport but has been raised to religion.

 Iguazu - South America's most beautiful waterfall

With a total length of 2,700m, height of 90m, Iguazu waterfall cluster with 275 large and small falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil is worthy of being the most beautiful waterfall in South America. More than two-thirds of the above falls are on the Argentine land, but the ideal location for watching Devil's Throat - the most beautiful falls are U-shaped, 82m high, 150m wide and 700m long, located on the Brazilian coast. Every year, this attraction attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to visit and vacation. Standing high above, visitors can enjoy admiring the unique beauty of the pristine subtropical forests around and the beauty of the waterfall from the Iguazu River pouring from the high cliffs to the abyss, creating foam Snow white is extremely impressive. Here, visitors can participate in water sports, rafting, climbing and especially cannot miss the excursions to visit the area under Iguazu waterfall by boat.

Rio De Janeiro - the magical city

The last stop on the journey to discover South America is the city of Rio De Janeiro - famous for its spectacular natural scenery, colorful Carnival festivals and passionate samba dance. Just like the Statue of Liberty of New York or Paris's Eiffel Tower, every tour in Rio de Janeiro prioritizes towards the statue of Christ the Redeemer (Christ Redempteur) located at the top of the Corcovado mountain, 710 meters high. Started in 1927, the statue is 38m high, 30m wide, the pedestal is 9.5m and is considered one of the greatest art sculpture works of mankind. In 2007, the work was voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

5 Best Islands For Your South America Trip

If you are planning for your South America trip, you may wonder where the best islands to discover are. South America is the continental part located to the west of the Southern hemisphere of the Americas, starting from the south of the Panama Canal downwards. The region also makes up the majority of Latin America because people here mainly use Spanish and Portuguese. It also has beautiful beaches, let's take a look at the most famous islands for your South America!

1.    Chiloé Island, Chile

The colorful houses of Chiloé will make visitors feel excited when they come here. Street art and spectacular natural scenery will bring you positive and positive miracles that cannot be found anywhere. This is the second-largest island of the Chilean archipelago.
Islands with this spectacular scenery are formed from the submerged mountain ranges millions of years. As a result, this place now has lush green forests, sparkling seascape, and beautiful rock embankments. And on a beautiful day, you can see all the roads to the snow-covered Andes peaks.

2.    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This famous archipelago was once named by Darwin and UNESCO. Many creatures are living here that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Imagine cute kaleidoscope, scary sea snakes, giant turtles and scary sharks coming to you in every direction. The islands (all declared as National Parks) are about 960km from the Ecuadorian coast.
Strangely, they are not as tropical as you think: wild landscapes, and sometimes desolate are covered with exotic green bushes and you will see many volcanic eruptions here. Although they may not be the most beautiful islands, their appeal lies in having many unique and strange things.

3.    Cagarras Islands, Brazil

Many visitors come here to say that the island has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located not far from the legendary Ipanema Beach, this uninhabited island is a great refuge for a large number of native wildlife, including the super cute Flipper penguin.
Ilha Cagarra, the name of the island, aside from the beautiful scenery is also an ideal place for diving and surfing. This beautiful paradise offers everything from dreamy walking trails to adventure sports.

4.    Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is a famous island for ecotourism with a mysterious beauty. Although this is also one of the most isolated places on earth, you may feel quite lonely here because it is located 2,299 miles east of Chile. This place is a great outdoor museum for divers and fans of these giant Moai statues. The best way to experience the beauty of the island is by walking a long way to get the full experience and explore the wonderful landscape around.

5.    La Blanquilla Island, Venezuela

This deserted fan-shaped limestone island is located 186 miles west of Venezuela. It is a dream destination for Wannabe lovers and rich and famous people who come here to organize private parties. The coral reefs surrounding the island are known for the great variety of rare black corals. To the island, you also have the opportunity to admire rare fish such as French angelfish, porcupine and flying fish occasionally appear. On land, you will see some wild animals.
The continent of South America with the favor of the Atlantic Ocean possessing beautiful beaches. These are such heavenly paradises besides discovering the long-standing historical culture here. Tourism here is growing but luckily many places still retain the wild character that people need. If you have a chance, let yourself experience it!

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Ms Tu’s Homestay - A lovely destination for active students

The next address in the homestay list of Binh Thuan is many tourists interested in Ms Tu’s Homestay. This is a destination that helps you maximize your stay expenses during your cruise travel, very familiar to students. Ms. Tu's house is located in the center so it can be said that it is very convenient for you to move to other attractions. If you have never been to Mui Ne before, you should visit Ms Tu's teacher to get the best travel experience. Where to go, what to eat, what to buy, all are meticulously taught by Ms. Tu.

From the entrance, Ms. Tu’s Homestay has been lovingly decorated instead of greetings. Here, Cô Tư’s Homestay also introduces many local attractions. @ Co Tu’s Homestay

The small garden corner is decorated with beautiful small pots to help the house more fresh and cool. @ Co Tu’s Homestay
This homestay is a neat, clean, well-appointed home with all types of single, double and dorm rooms for groups of friends. In particular, the rent is very chestnut and fresh and not expensive at all. You have complete peace of mind to visit Ms Tu any season of the year. Dorm room (bunk bed) 50,000 VND / person. Single room depending on fan or air conditioner costs 100,000 VND or 150,000 VND / day. Sleeping on the terrace has a cool space of 50,000 VND / tent / 2 persons and 75,000 VND / tent / 3 people.

Here, you can ask Ms. Tu to cook family meals with dishes like her mother cooked and even organize delicious fresh seafood BBQ parties. Ms Tu's Homestay will serve you delicious dishes like restaurants such as steamed buns, grilled, grilled mussels, mussels with rice paper, grilled scallops, and apricot salad, snails with garlic and onion, scallops. Grilled yang, steamed clams discharge chilli and countless fresh and aromatic seafood dishes that are soggy. In addition, when hungry hunger, minced pork noodles, fried bread, fresh squid noodles or fried noodles will be ready to serve, hot, delicious, filling every craving.
Lara Homestay - Prepare the sea in every corner

Binh Thuan beach in general and Mui Ne in particular is one of the most beautiful sea paradises in Vietnam and reached many tourist rankings in the world. It can be said that the tourism service here is very developed with restaurants, hotels, high-class resorts, amusement parks and even beautiful homestays for tourists. Those are coastal houses that are designed to be simple, cool, close to nature. It is important that these homestay homestays bring you the feeling of relaxation, tranquility and a cultural space of sea, sea and sea.

If you are looking for a peaceful, poetic seaside countryside, then Lara Homestay is the best. You will be wrapped in natural crust with sunshine to the window, the wind blows gently in the leaves of the garden, the sea scent pervades the room with the scent of fragrant wood. All will make your soul peaceful and strange.

Living in a homely homestay by the natural layout and materials, you are spoiled for watching the dawn, walking to the sea, sleeping peacefully with the wind blowing gently, the afternoon watching the sunset dyed the earth and sky and at night I heard the sound of cicadas on the porch. That's what urban life never gives you.

Lara Homestay has a very romantic and private beach and has a swimming pool for you to change your taste. To bring the most private and peaceful space, Lara Homestay does not accept groups of more than 15 people, giving priority to small groups of under 10 people. There are a variety of rooms available for your needs at an affordable price, including a Binh Thuan beach breakfast.

Lara Homestay brings a feeling of closeness like your home because each room is fully furnished and has a warm, familiar space. @ Lara Homestay

Lara Homestay makes the most of the large door frames to catch natural light and the sea breeze. @ Lara Homestay
Each room of this homestay is decorated in the most natural and liberal way but still ensures full TV, air conditioning, comfortable bed and romantic balcony with wooden tables and chairs. Each room is a different small house, beautiful and gentle without glare.

The lovely room with the sky blue sky frames is also an ideal virtual living corner for those who like the "dust" style a bit. @ Lara Homestay
In particular, Ms. Minh, the owner, a friendly, happy and kind woman will welcome you in Binh Thuan. She will give you a thorough guide to the travel experience here and cook for you the salty sea food.

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Amansara Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia: 1,500 USD / night

With famous ancient temples that have appeared in Hollywood movies, Cambodia is emerging as one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia.

However, when you come here, you will not only be able to visit the beautiful architecture and experience the local culture, but also have the opportunity to experience the truly luxurious hotels.

Amansara Hotel is one of them. Room rates here can be up to 1,500 USD / night.
Six Senses Hideaway Hotel, Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam: USD 1,490 / night

Ten years ago, Vietnam was not really a popular tourist destination. However, now Vietnam has become one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

Vietnam boasts many beautiful beaches and one of them is Nha Trang beach.

Because it is a famous tourist destination, Nha Trang has quite a number of hotels and resorts. One of the most luxurious hotels here is the Six Senses Hideaway in Ninh Van Bay.

The resort has luxury rooms with prices up to US $ 1490 per night. With many different types of rooms such as villas on water, on rocks, on hills ... fully furnished with private space. These villas are truly a charming retreat where you can relax completely after stressful working days.
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore: USD 1,320 / night

Singapore not only bears the title of "lion island nation" but it is also a country that converges countless traditional cultures. There are many different ethnic groups residing on this small island nation. This is a powerful country in Southeast Asia with many multinational corporations and companies.

Travel costs to Singapore are not too expensive compared to many other Southeast Asian countries. Singapore is always proud of many luxury 5-star hotels and one of them is Shangri-La hotel.

This hotel is located on Orchard Road, the bustling shopping area of Singapore. The Valley Wing Deluxe Suite room here costs up to USD 1,320 / night. However, this is a worthy price because in Shangri-La you will be able to use all 5-star facilities and be served in the best way.
Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, Indonesia: USD 701 / night

Everyone would dream of once set foot on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia.

Because of the sunny weather all year round, the resort is always crowded with tourists. Besides the beautiful beaches, Bali also has waterfalls and temples that attract tourists.

One of the very favorite luxury hotels here is Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali. The rooms with two bedrooms are priced up to 700 USD / night with full amenities such as swimming pool, dining area, spa, golf course.

This is also the resort of the Miss in the Miss World 2013 competition held in Bali, Indonesia.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Homestay wedding photos "love tank" in Da Lat
When the cold late autumn wind rushed, Da Lat entered the second beautiful season of the year. We do not hesitate to say that happiness is the same with our loved ones wandering with the appointments, the most important moments in life.

If you are still looking for an ideal location to take wedding photos, please take your loved one's hand to Da Lat! Because in addition to the beautiful scenery, the homestay in Dalat is poetic and beautiful view is waiting for you to record the sweet moments of life.

Superior Bungalow Garden

Superior Bungalow Garden has a luxurious and pristine character of European heaven, belonging to the top homestay located in the heart of Dalat city. The apartments with strange roof designs are lined up, running along sunny roads with many native flowers - blooming 4 seasons in a year, creating a vivid picture. If you want your wedding photos to be a little Western-oriented with classic romantic taste, then LPC Hill will be the ideal destination.

Vintage Wooden House 

Le Bleu - in French means blue, and just as the name suggests, a peaceful, mild, green color covers the place. Not really attractive and outstanding at first sight, Le Bleu is loved by its small, delicate details. It was a rough paint on a rustic wooden floor, which was a multicolored lamp that sparkled the whole room, the light of the morning light shining through the colorful window.

Tom's Valley

Extremely spacious studio apartment on the side of the valley, with 2 glass faces overlooking the immense space below, Tom's Valley really brings a great experience. Zooming out of the glass frame is a picture of a beautiful valley fascinated with beautiful red tile houses.

Hien Dalat Homestay

Aiming at the Minimalist style, Hien Dalat Homestay simplifies the line for your apartment, leaving only the most simple, simple and cheap things. A sense of lightness, a strange and pleasant feeling when entering this apartment. I and her escaped the shameful world, to a small corner of our own ...